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Project Description
".NET Micro Framework - Common Extensions" is designed to provide additional functionality to the core .NET Micro framework to fill common usage gaps between NetMf and it's bigger .NET framework cousins.

New functionality Added
NetMf.CommonExtensions.Threading.MonitorMicro has been added, this is designed to complement the existing System.Threading.Monitor class to provide Wait and Pulse functionality.

For usage example please see Documentation.

The functionality provided within this project includes:
  • StringBuilder (Implemented as stand alone class)
    • Simple string building functionality following method the usual StringBuilder method signatures.
  • string.Replace (Extension method on string object)
    • Implementation of placeholder replacement functionality.
  • StringUtility.Format (Implemented as a static method on StringUtility)
    • Provides the ability for simple string formatting, such as: StringUtility.Format("{0} + {1} = {2}", 50,20,70);
    • Formatting within the placeholders is permitted for primitive types. e.g. StringUtility.Format("{0:F}",7) will return "7.00"
  • StringUtility.IsNullOrEmpty (Implemented as a static method on StringUtility)
    • Provides simple checking if the string is null or an empty string.
  • Parse.TryParseInt (Short/Long...) (Implemented as a static method on Parse)
    • Same method signature as regular framework such as int.TryParse

All implementations are thoroughly unit tested. If you think an implementation can be done better, please contribute! Where possible, the functionality of the methods mimics those of the 'standard' .NET Framework.

For detailed usage examples please see Documentation.

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